Fence energizers and Zootechnical products
EL.PA provides such products with all the experience coming from forty years in the field.

Fence energizers, cattle prods, but simpler products such as troughs and drinking bowls as well; zootechnics and livestock rearing require sturdy and reliable equipment.
Zootechnics: a field with peculiar and distinct needs, still bearing a significant importance in national economies. EL.PA has forty years of experience in manufacturing and supplying livestock rearing products, with a constant eye on the quality of our products.

  • On the manufacturing front, EL.PA builds and sells directly fence energizers (both battery and mains-powered) stimulators for cattle (also known as cattle prods), ultrasonic pest control devices for the removal of parasitic rodents from cultivated fields, and Wood lamps for veterinary applications, such as detecting skin mycosis and corneal ulcers.
  • As for distribution, EL.PA supplies other distributors, local public authorities, and large customers with zootechnical and livestock rearing products, from troughs, to currycombs, from drinking bowls to shearing clippers, for all kinds of animals: horses, cattle, sheep and swine, and courtyard animals, dogs and rabbits as well – and also devices for field protection from wild animals, such as boars, deer and foxes.
For all purchases of zootechnical products,

from fence energizers to veterinary equipment, from cattle prods to shears

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