Fence energizers and Zootechnical products
There are only a handful of companies bearing great importance in the field of zootechnical supplies, from fence energizers to cattle prods.

EL.PA doesn't just supply first-quality devices, but also offers the significant experience of forty years in the field.

EL.PA. brings forty years of experience, built on continuous and intense activity in the field to the market of zootechnical supplies. Thanks to this, we can give our customers two things that are fundamental for good results in this field:

  • first of all, we supply devices of exceptional quality, developed through continual research of innovative products as required by the most modern breeding techniques, as pertains to the product range we distribute. As for the products which we directly manufacture, great attention goes into the choice of new electrical and electronic components so as to improve the reliability of our fence energizers, electric cattle prods, and Wood lamps for veterinary applications;
  • and furthermore, we have built a competence over 40 years which allows us to find the best solution for any need and advise more efficient solutions.

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