Fence energizers and Zootechnical products
Zootechnical supplies for large customers, specific distributors, and for the particular needs of local authorities

EL.PA brings quality products for livestock breeding and rearing, and a long-tested competence, to this market
Our approach

EL.PA manufactures battery and mains-powered fence energizers, EC-rules compliant cattle prods, ultrasound rat extermination devices and Wood lamps. We import many innovative zootechnical products for the breeding of pets and commercial livestock.

The know-how we've matured allows us to offer competence and experience to distributors, resellers, breeders, farms and local authorities, with special attention to the search of solutions for protection of cltivated areas from wild animals. Our double nature as a manufacturer and importer, compounded with the possible study of products tailored for specific needs (such as industrial poultry plants, and button-operated cattle prods) is our strongest point. The combination of these two factors allows us to satisfy both the vast range of equipment needed by a large distributor, and the strong need for quick and functional solutions typical of local authorities, all of which is done while keeping our product offer constantly up-to-date both safety and technology-wise.

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