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There are only a handful of companies bearing great importance in the field of zootechnical supplies, from fence energizers to cattle prods.

EL.PA doesn't just supply first-quality devices, but also offers the significant experience of forty years in the field.
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The electric fence should be created with the mobile pickets whose height depends on the type of animal.

It 'important to follow a few simple rules for the implementation of a mobile enclosure. The first relates to the height of the spike: it depends on the height of the animal you intend to fence or from which you intend to defend. For animals such as horses requires the use of pegs of not less than 135 cm, instead for animals such as cattle or to boars are sufficient pegs 90 cm high. Another consideration should be given to the distance between each picket. In fact, they should never be placed over 4 meters in a ground floor, this distance drops to 2.5 meters in a steep ground.

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