Fence energizers and Zootechnical products
There are only a handful of companies bearing great importance in the field of zootechnical supplies, from fence energizers to cattle prods.

EL.PA doesn't just supply first-quality devices, but also offers the significant experience of forty years in the field.
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The clippers are essential tools for the care of the sheep.

The sheep shearing machines requires highly specific with an engine power of not less than 300 W. to allow extended use. The shearing of the fleece of the sheep is a very important practice that has two main purposes: to provide the hair, which is the raw material to produce wool and safeguard the health of the sheep itself. In the case where the hair was not mowed regularly sheep would face severe problems of dermatitis because a fleece too large, in addition to being less robust and therefore of lesser quality, does not leave the skin breathe.

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